Xypex: Crystalline Waterproofing
XYPEX Chemical Corporation manufactures a line of products for concrete waterproofing via Crystallization.  Existing concrete basements, tunnels, or vaults can be
waterproofed by application of the right system. 
Other materials can be added to new concrete
pours to provide a waterproof
concrete structure.
Carlisle Coatings & Waterproofing (CCW) provides a very diversified group of products for sealing your building envelope.  In addition to the below grade waterproofing, CCW offers a complete line of Air & Vapor Barriers,  Drainage Composites, Masonry Products, PolyIso insulation and complete Green Roof Systems. 
CCW provides complete building envelope systems to meet NFPA 285 fire code requirements. Their wide array of products and expertise allows you to be flexible in design and be confident your building is air and water tight.
Expansion Joint Systems
Emseal Joint Systems Ltd is a manufacturer of high performance, innovative and durable materials for use in sealing and bridging small and large building components and structural joints in walls, floors, decks, and foundations.  Whether it is a building, a parking structure, or a holding tank, Emseal has a system to seal that expansion joint and comply with fire codes!

Some of the larger recent Wisconsin projects  include Lambeau Field, Miller Park, and Camp Randall Stadium.
Urethane Waterstops
Adeka Ultra Seal Water Stops are designed to form a positive and permanent seal between structural elements including construction or cold joints. Adeka waterstops will replace hard to install PVC waterstops in many instances.  Penetrations of below grade concrete by pipes, conduits, or similar materials will be made water tight. 
Professional® Water Sealant & Anti-Graffitiant is a “Dual Purpose” silicone rubber water repellent which provides invisible, long lasting protection from graffiti as well as water intrusion.

  The products have been successfully applied to buildings, bridges, highway sound walls, decks, fences, and many other types of above grade surfaces.
Repair and Maintenance Coatings
Duromar continues to pioneer in the field of applied polymeric technology. It offers a wide variety of zero VOC, 100% solids materials for use in a broad spectrum of industrial applications. It manufactures rebuilding, resurfacing, and specialty products for industrial maintenance; concrete repair and flooring systems; high performance linings for the severest corrosive and abrasive environments; and structural adhesives. Its production facilities and quality control procedures are continually being upgraded to provide “state of the art products” to meet today’s stringent standards for quality and performance.
Dampney Engineered Coatings has been serving the refining, petrochemical, chemical processing, oil & gas, pipeline, power, OEM, pulp & paper, and materials processing markets since 1917!  The company, located in Everett, MA, is a world class leader in supplying high-performance, high temperature solutions throughout the world. The Thurmalux brand of coatings for 500o - 1600o F services enjoys an excellent reputation.
Mentor Dynamics
Mentor Dynamics manufactures hopper and chute liners to reduce the wear on these items from abrasion and to improve the "release " of the commodity through this type of equipment.  Mentor is able to do this by utilizing a combination of UltraHighMolecularWeightPolyethylene (UHMWPE) material infused with silicone, a proprietary urethane sheeting material, and/or ceramics. This combination of materials allows for preparation of the best in impact resistance, abrasion resistance, and material release.
Gill Industries manufactures a line of concrete additives which provides a quick set to concrete, allowing traffic on the "fresh pour" within as little as 4 hours!  Coatings can be successfully applied within 12 - 24 hours rather than waiting the traditional 28 days. 
Chlor*Rid manufactures cleaning materials to insure that substrates are free of chlorides, nitrates, and sulfates prior to lining or painting.
Chlor*Rid is an inexpensive insurance policy that will help get maximum life out of your painting or lining applications.  They also provide inexpensive, user friendly test kits for analysis of chlorides, nitrates, and sulfates on substrates in the field.
Kefa Microporous Coating represents a new and innovative way to control condensation, mold, mildew, and all other negative consequences of excessive moisture and condensation.
Through the use of Kefa, health risks associated with molds may be greatly reduced or eliminated, areas of high moisture and humidity will be and feel dryer, water infiltration and corrosion can be greatly reduced due to the reduction or elimination of condensation on ferrous substrates.
Building Envelope
It is more than just a home.